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You have an insurance claim, now what?

When a hail storm hit the Omaha area, like it did this April 2014, hundreds of roofers converge to the Omaha area. Some call them” Storm Chasers,” who are company’s that travel to the areas hit by storm and proceed to set them selves up as a local company. The goal is to gather as many insurance claims as they can, as quickly as they can, only to leave the homeowner with a roof that has no warranty after they leave. Often done to minimum standards, not observing best practices and code standards, which leads to future water damage and rotten roof deck which was not replaced at the time of tear off!

What about the local company’s that during times of storm damage, have to keep up with hundreds of phone calls and start to hire lots of crews to keep up? Did you know that some company’s do as many as 20 roofs a day, sometimes one crew will do 2 a day? I wonder who gets the best crew and how do you control the quality, when the goal by the roofer is get it done as quickly as possible? I can take a glance at a roof and tell you from the curb how good that crew is! Standards have to be met, manufacturers specs have to be followed and the Building codes are there for your protection.
And did they get a Real City Permit?

What about a small company that gives their name to Storm Chasers from out of town, to make it appear that they are local company? Small company’s are commonly approached by out of town company’s to sell their name for a bunch of money. I was asked this year if I would be interested? I handled about 40 insurance claims this year (2013) which included, Roof replacement, Gutter replacement and Siding repair. It would be a little suspicious if I was doing 400 next time. If you sell your name, all the bad work is your responsibility now, I was advised against it.

Some company’s act like Storm Chasers in the way they interact with the insurance co. After the roof is completed, the roofing company will often attempt to bully the adjuster into extra charges leaving the claims in dispute and the home owner confused and miserable. If the insurance co doesn’t pay, then does that leave the homeowner holding the bag to the roofing company?

Our policy at  Midlands Roofing Siding and Window Co here in Omaha is to:

1. Look at the claim the Omaha homeowner was provided by the insurance co.

2. Inspect the house for all damage and compare what the adjuster wants to do.

3.Contact the adjuster to compare notes and get the final damage pre-approved. Sign a contract and schedule the repairs or the roof replacement. This is our reputation on the line, Midlands Will Get it done right!

Did you know that Proper ventilation of your attic will determine how long your roof will last? Making sure the eve’s as well as the ridge are open and breathing. When we do cement siding, we tear off all the old siding and the boards on the eve’s and leave them completely open at the rafters, before we cover them with 100% vented Soffit material for the attic to maximize its air flow to the peak (ridge). This is not possible for just a roof replacement but we will add more venting to the overhang and maximize venting at the ridge to make your roof, attic, heating and air conditioning bills and your attic insulation work to its peak ability!

I hope this information was helpful to you in your search for a quality contractor.

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