Vinyl Siding in Omaha doesnt have to be Boring

Often times when a homeowner buys siding and windows, they believe that the home improvement Windows Omaha NEwill bring value to their home in return for their investment, depending on the condition of the home, its not always true. Recovering the cost of siding depends on many factors but the greatest factor in my opinion is “curb Appeal”.The first thing that happens when siding is installed is the corner  boards are removed, all the boards from the “original design” are removed so that house wrap or insulation can be applied.

A smooth surface to work with means work can begin and your new Dutch lap vinyl siding can be installed.Tan siding, white window frames and 3 pairs of shutters makes it one of the thousands of ordinary looking houses in the Omaha area. You didn’t select the lowest price and you were  depending on the sales rep to help you with the look of the house thinking it would be special. It is special, till the neighbor has his house done and it looks better somehow.

In Omaha When a neighborhood is developed, 7 model homes are put in place for you to walk through and the homes are designed by an architect. About 6 years ago I started talking with a sales rep about the future of vinyl siding and  not enough was being done to the front of homes being sided. Cultured stone came on the seen, to be installed over old brick and siding areas to enhance the curb appeal. 4 inch Hardie window frames with crown molding followed with real wood raised panel shutters, stained or painted. I first saw these shutters being done to new construction with a craftsman design, pretty soon wood columns for old rotten porch posts, beams for the front porch ceiling and now I was enjoying what I was doing.

Vinyl Siding Papillion NE Job

Proper Design Exterior siding

I learned a lot from new construction. How to properly apply tyvek house wrap. envelope and flash the top of windows, especially when your installing James Hardie crown mold. I learned to re  channel water away and out of the bottom of a window frame and took a lot of the best features of design, which is common with cement siding and began to apply them to vinyl. I’ve also learned to use both Hardie wide frame window trim and crown molding and use it with high end 6 and 7 inch vinyl siding as a combination to make what I call a hybrid. Hardie trim is stronger than aluminum and looks like wood in areas around windows and doors. Very classy!  Below is a picture of a house done  in the Papillion NE area with this hybrid look. The house next door has vinyl siding, no design on the front with 3 pairs of plastic shutters. The owner of this house came out as we were finishing the job and said he was extremely jealous. Don’t believe me? Call me and Ill take you by and show you the difference. My customer got real value for his money.

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  1. Beth says:

    Phil and his son completed our siding and did a fantastic job. Very reliable and friendly. Wish I would have known Phil sooner for other projects I’ve had. Will definitely call on him again.

  2. Phil Lorsung says:

    Thank You For the nice Comment it’s greatly appreciated and thank you for your business.

  3. Kristina says:

    We have received lots of compliments on our new siding. We went the the color and design that Phil recommended. Customer service was outstanding.