Damage and Unethical Contractors Nebraska and Iowa

Damaging Winds, Hail Leave Nebraska and Iowa Homeowners Vulnerable to Damage and Unethical Contractors.

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Find a Real Contractor The 2014 storm’s wrath provided another important reminder to homeowners of signs they need to watch for to keep their homes in proper condition. Unfortunately, many homes don’t readily show the effects — the wear and tear — of roof damage from a storm for three to five years when it’s too late to file an insurance claim, according to Phil Lorsung, President of Midlands Siding and Windows, a storm restoration contractor that restores Siding Windows and roofs damaged by storms, especially hail.

“On average, about half of homeowners we serve were not even aware they had storm damage from the storms in 2013,” says Phil. “A roof may be failing and the homeowner doesn’t know until it’s too late to file an insurance claim. That can leave property owners with a big mess and a huge expense.”

As a damaged roof cycles through the years, inevitably it will fail to some degree, with effects ranging from inconvenient to catastrophic. Phil recommends the following tips to protect unsuspecting home and business owners who might have roof, siding or window damage:

• Make checking for roof/storm damage a part of your regular spring cleaning or annual maintenance routine.

• Pay attention to what might seem like small or subtle signs of damage – such as rocks in gutter spouts or bits of shingle in the yard – as they may be indicative of greater damage.

• When a storm does pass through your area, select an appropriate contractor to do a thorough inspection.

Phil also recommends that homeowners seek a repair company that will work with them and their insurance company every step of the way, from filing the claim, providing photos and other required documentation, to explaining the complicated system of getting compensation to repair the damage.

“Regardless of the type of roof on a structure or what type of severe weather has passed through an area, conducting roof inspections regularly and proactively can help prevent greater damage in the future and helps property owners claim insurance benefits when eligible,” said Phil.