Do I need a new roof?

Do I Need a New Roof? And How Can I tell. I live in Omaha NE.

Here are some ways you can tell if you need a New Roof.

Age of your roof covering:  Do you know exactly how aged your current roofing system is? 10 years aged? Twenty Years aged? Have no hint how old your roof is? The common life of a roof is around 20 to 25 years. The long life of your roofing depends if your most recent roofing system was installed over an existing layer and if it was appropriately ventilated. If your roof covering was set up over one more layer of roof shingles or the top layer mores than 20 years aged, you should think about a new roof covering.

Storm Damage

Hail and Wind Damage Omaha NE

Buckling shingles:  Buckling of tiles often takes place on the side of your roof covering that is sloped towards the sun. Locations of your roof that goes through more eliminate of the climate tend to put on faster than various other areas of your roof covering. , if you have whole lots of shingles that are buckling or curling it could mean your tiles need to be changed

Valleys:  A valley in your roofing is where two factors in your roof covering aid and satisfy to direct rainfall and other debris to your rain gutters. Problems in the valleys of your roof can make build-up of particles which good bring about leaking in that room of the roofing system.

Missing tiles:  roof shingles could go missing out on from time to time with a roof covering from storms and higher winds. Usually these can be switched out. Nonetheless, if tiles have been missing for long periods of time, sections of the roofing could need to be taken apart and changed.

Chimney flashing:  if you have chimney this is usually among the first spots on your roof covering that will need repair work. Chimney flashing is a term for the roofing system cement and tar that is installed around your chimney. , if you chimney has cement and tar flashing you could upgrade the flashing to a water-tight steel flashing which holds up a lot better via the components.


Missing out on granules:  you can tell if your roof system is losing its granules by taking a look at your gutter drain pipeline after a massive rain. If you are discovering granules in your drain pipe you could be in need of a brand-new roof. Missing out on granules is one of the very first indicators your roof covering requires some repair work.

Dark areas: these patches can begin turning up when your granules begin diminishing your shingles. Nonetheless, these patches can be challenging to see if you have a darker tinted roofing system. That is why it is necessary to examine your drainpipe water pipes after a heavy rainfall.

Sunshine in your attic:  your attic is nearly as crucial as your roofing system. It is among the locations of your house that will certainly permit you know that something is not right in your home by simply looking at it. , if you see sunlight glancing via any location of your roofing of any sort of indications of water damage (mold or weakening supports).
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  1. Jim jarzynka says:

    I’ve had a great experience with Phil Lorsung installing a new roof on our house. Phil was able to complete a new roof, install new gutters and recap my chimney all within cost and schedule prescribed by my insurance carrier. There was a tight deadline involved and Phil and his team made it happen. The quality of work was excellent – it has rained a good number of times and there are no leaks! Phil also uncovered some additional work required, a new sky light. Phil got this addressed at a very reasonable price without any impacts to the roofing schedule.

    Phil and his team were very considerate of our property. They installed tarps over walkways and decking to catch debris and nails. At they end of the job, everything was picked up. Phil was very patient with me, explaining all available options for the work. In the end, he gave us exactly what we asked for.

    Give Phil a try. I’ll bet you will have great results too.

    Jim jarzynka